Bratech Żurek Sp. J., 44-240 Żory, Wygoda 12A
tel./fax +48 32 46 96 441,

About Us

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We are a family-owned business in operation since 1998.
Our company specializes in manufacturing precision metal parts for machine tools in  CNC technology.
We specialize in mass production of hydraulic devices and construction machines transmission gears. We also undertake the production of customized orders following the technical documentation supplied  by clients.

Our close
cooperation with partner companies allows us to offer galvanic cover or varnish coatings of manufactured elements as well as their heat treatment.

Thanks to our
reliability and constant gradual development in 2006 we opened our own office in the Special Economic Zone.

Experience, professional approach and solidity opened the demanding Western markets for us and it is there that we send most of our products.

We continually increase our
machine park and we make every effort to satisfy even the most demanding client and to unsure that the manufactured items and services offered are top quality.

at your disposal, we would like invite you to join our clients and cooperates. 

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